Here’s my gratitude list: 12 May 2016

12 May 2016

Here’s my gratitude list:

Praise God!

Thank You God for a lovely walk this morning in the bright warm sunshine to clear my head.

Thank You God for the constant messages to relax and take care of myself and trust that God is good on His promise.

Thank You God for the calm and clarity I had today in the face of my wife’s worry about our upcoming vacation plans. I just needed to take care of myself, not attack her for being weak for worrying, and just be a loving presence and she sorted herself out easily. It was great, and reinforced my concept of my role as shepherd.

Thank You God for a delicious dinner and no binging, even though it was a heavy carbohydrate meal. Thank You God for working within me to master my disordered eating.

Thank You God for more ease in my life and around others even though my fear of not trusting You, loving You or worshipping You enough has increased.

Thank You God for refuge, a place to turn when I’m agitated or doubtful, fearful or close to despair.

Thank You God for more focus. Thank You God for more focus on prosperity and the courage it takes to pursue business contacts.

Thank You God for love.

Thank You God for never failing me. Your faithful is so gracious. Your mercy is so abundant. Thank You for not giving up on me even after I’ve given up.

Thank You God for wonder, grace, courage, humility, guidance, discernment and strength.

Thank You God for increasing my faith and trust in You. This is a much better way to live. Thank You God for wholeness. You are so merciful.

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